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Annual Independence Day BBQ Picnic

An Independence Day BBQ picnic is organized with the New York Deaf Church (NYDC) every year. This event aims to celebrate the 4th of July while promoting fellowship among the Asian Deaf community in Greater New York metropolitan area. 


Activities include:

  1. Outdoor Worship: Spiritual observance outdoors, with sign language interpreters ensuring full accessibility.

  2. Food Variety: A blend of traditional BBQ dishes and diverse Asian cuisines, catering to a multicultural crowd.

  3. Socializing: Encouraging interactions between attendees from various backgrounds through activities and shared experiences.

  4. Accessibility: Provisions like sign language interpretation, accessible seating, and clear signage to cater to the Deaf community.

  5. Promotion: The event is promoted through multiple channels, including church announcements and social media.

The event serves as a unique mix of celebration, cultural appreciation, and community bonding.

In partnership with New York Deaf Church

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