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First Deaf Asian Senior Citizens Focus Group Highlights

A total of 25 participants attended the focus group meeting.

A focus group of Deaf Asian seniors gathered on January 21, 2024, at the Gaithersburg Regional Library in Maryland, and the event was successful with a high turnout. The group discussed their experiences and the challenges they face in accessing quality care and services. The session aimed to identify areas for improvement to ensure better accessibility for this often-overlooked community while also respecting and honoring the unique cultural and societal values prevalent in Asian culture.

The participants, who demonstrated a deep sense of respect and humility, shared their personal stories and struggles in navigating healthcare systems, social services, and other essential amenities. They emphasized the importance of preserving their dignity and maintaining a sense of harmony in their interactions with service providers while also advocating for their needs.

Recognizing the significance of interdependence and collective well-being in many Asian cultures, the participants highlighted the need for more education and training for service providers to better understand the unique needs of Deaf aging individuals. They also expressed a strong sense of filial piety and concern for the well-being of their families and communities.

One of the key issues raised was the difficulty in obtaining accurate health information and medical advice due to language barriers, which can hinder the ability to fulfill familial responsibilities and maintain good health. The participants also emphasized the importance of providing culturally sensitive services that consider the diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds of the Deaf Asian community, while also upholding the values of respect and integrity.

The upcoming National Asian Deaf Congress (NADC) and Deaf Asian Senior Citizens (DASC) Conference this late summer will benefit from the brainstorming list of the focus group, which aims to provide relevant workshops and training programs. The focus group intends to improve access to quality care and services for Deaf Asian Seniors while considering the unique cultural and societal values of many Asian communities.

MADA team expressed their deep gratitude to the participants for their valuable insights and courage in sharing their experiences and for  contributions to the collective well-being of their communities.

By embracing Asian values, we can create a more inclusive and equitable society that respects and honors the diverse cultural and societal values of all individuals.


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